Virtual Instruments is now Virtana!


Virtual Instruments is now Virtana!

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Office


October 21, 2019

I’m excited to announce that today we’re changing our company name to Virtana. Over the past three years, we have been steadily reinventing Virtual Instruments. You will still find the same deep infrastructure expertise, the same commitment to mission critical workloads, but now our portfolio offers a lot more breadth across the data center and into the public cloud. Our app-centric approach to infrastructure management has also bridged the gap between application management and infrastructure management. And our analytics can help our customers truly streamline and increasingly automate their IT operations. We will continue to transform and innovate as we intend to lead the modernization of IT operations. We will do so under the Virtana brand.

The Virtana name pays homage to our VI legacy, but it also stands for Real-Time Analytics and Automation.

Our customers are on a journey. It’s a journey from private cloud to hybrid cloud. And it’s a journey toward a model of IT operations that is streamlined, more efficient, and increasingly automated. Our customers expect modern monitoring and analytics to play a key role in this journey. First, by providing unified visibility and control over their environments, covering both their legacy and their future across the IT silos. Second, by applying big data and machine learning to make sense of those very large, very diverse, and very dynamic environments. Our expertise is the infrastructure, and the mission critical workloads it delivers. If the mission is critical, there’s Virtana.

To learn a bit more about why we think Virtana is the best hybrid infrastructure management platform, I encourage you to visit 

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